I think it's obvious that my favorite part about creating is the physical making of the product. I realized that may not be every creatives favorite, maybe you enjoy the idea part. Maybe you enjoy the promotion part. 

I enjoy coming up with ideas but there is nothing like having a vision and building it from scratch and then eventually it's a real life actualization of the thing you visualized. 

When I paint on canvas, I tend to end up with something that is very close to what I had in mind but not exactly. Sometimes, it's my technical ability that doesn't let it turn out how I had visualized, sometimes it's in the process of starting that I change my vision. When I build miniatures, they almost always turn out exactly how I envisioned them. I love that.

This journey of building miniature furniture and accessories has been such a joy. From learning how to work with wood, coming up with ideas on what to make, getting to share a love of dollhouses and minature things with my daughter, to designing spaces that fit my furniture. Every facet of it, has been fun. 

What medium do you work in? What is your favorite part of the process?