I want to get this business going in the worst way (and by worst, I mean best) but boy, it's hard. I love to create and I love interracting with people but the business end is just tricky. There is so much I have to learn. Every day for the last month, I've made time to make products to sell and spent hours each day networking, researching social media and marketing and website indexing. The world of technology and reaching customers through social media is an art unto itself. 

I've learned that there are wonder women over at #girlboss that want to help and mentor and uplift. 

I've learned that I don't know anything about how social media works (in a big picture sense)

I've learned that I far prefer the artsy side of starting my business.

I've learned that I want this to succeed more than anything. 

I've learned that I have to self promote which isn't always easy.

I've learned that practice reall does make perfect and I have to keep working at this. 

I've learned that I love creating products that people truly like and I want to continue so I'll do what it takes.

I am so appreciative of the support I've gotten so far. My mom has always supported my creative endevours. My husband has been such a rock. I've taken over our living area with a build station and a photo station and he's not said a word, even when I leave everything out :) My friends have liked and shared my posts. I've gone from a brand new Facebook page to over 100 likes in just about 24 hours. That doesn't seem like much, but my hope is to look back at this blog post and be 10 times more than that someday.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.