A Daughter's Request

It all began with a request from my five year old, we were at a birthday party and her friend got a custom dollhouse for a gift. My daughter asked if I could make her one and with that request, my love of minis began. Over the course of the next six months I began converting a shelving unit into a custom dollhouse for Mia. Using found objects and making custom furniture and textiles along the way.
Fast forward to today and I'm still building custom miniatures by hand using only hand tools and my imagination. Creating them brings me such joy. My background in the art world has always centered around painting and while that is still my first creative love, I've always dabbled in a variety of arts and crafts. Making miniatures and custom dollhouses is the perfect way for me to be creative in an array of mediums. I get to work with found objects, textiles, wood, plastic and metal. 
 Mia continues to be my sidekick on this magical miniature journey. She's an excellent market researcher and product tester. 

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