Welcome to my first blog post!

I've been creating miniatures for about a year and it's finially time to create the other parts of the Mama Mia Minis world. 

It started with a request from my daughter. She was at a birthday party and her friend received a custom made dollhouse complete with a replica of her bedroom. Mia and I fell in love with the dollhouse. Mia asked if I could make one for her. 

Mind you, I've been painting for years and specialize in acrylics so I'm pretty familiar with creating something from nothing but woodworking is a whole 'nother ball game. It took about a month for me to work up the will to give it a shot. 

I started with a cube storage shelf. You know, those 12 x 12 cubes that you can store shoes or books or whatever. From there, I added a back to each unit and started creating rooms. I worked each room one by one and used as many upcycled items as I could find. Building the dollhouse made me realize, I could combine by love of art and crafting with my fascination with architecture and interior design. All the while, using common household items that could be spared from the trash. It was kismet.

Once Mia's house was finished, I decided I love making miniature creations so much that I continued to do. I created an Etsy store to sell my little miniatures and have been making them for a year now. The next phase will be this website and hopefully some tutorials next. 

Mia continues to inspire my creations, whether it's an idea for a new peice of furniture or a type of fabric that she likes or when she requests a new peice for her dollhouse and I think others will like it too. 

Thank you for taking this journey with me.  I hope you enjoy my miniature creations and stick around for my big miniature adventure!

-Erica (Mia's Mama)

Mias finished dollhouse