I've been busy at work on two projects. One is this wonderful little world in a box and the other is a miniature RV.  I like to work things simultaneousy; there's always down time on a project, waiting for something to dry or set up so I usually work on two things at once. I've been piecing together a room box over the last couple of weeks. It started with a prefrabricated organizer box. I slowly made furniture peices to go in the box, the end result is lovely. 

I just listed this miniature studio apartment today. I can imagine stacking a few of these boxes and having a community of rooms. The possibilities are endless. 

My favorite features are the craft office nook. It's really just my style and it's the only area that features something in it that wasn't made by me. Those teeny tiny adorable scissors and knitting bowl. Everything else was made by hand by me. 

I just love making these little scenes, as I create them I imagine what kind of person would live in these spaces and when I pull off a miniature version of something real, it makes me so damn happy.

Here are some detail shots from inside the room box.