I decided to take a break from making miniatures back in November. Primarily because my items were featured in a local store called From Here. If you're in the Pacific Northwest, it's a must see destination. The store is located in Riverpark Square downtown Spokane and features only locally made handcrafted goods from artisans. It's one of the coolest things we have in Spokane. 

At any rate, my items were in the store and I didn't want to double sell anything, so I took a pause. Then with the holidays coming up, the timing was perfect to take a break from creating minis as well. I used my spare time to bake and cook more, to decorate for the holidays, to watch some shows on Netflix, to read two books, to shop for Christmas gifts. This was the first year we were able to get almost every single item locally or off Etsy, which was an incredible feat considering I was unemployed for half the year due to COVID. We decided as a family that we would use our money is the most responsible way we can which is supporting small and local places as often as possible. We're all in this together. Basically from November to January, I took the time to make memories not minis. 

In January, I reopened my Etsy store and took my website off "Vacation" mode and relisted some products. I sold my big Newberg house to the sweetest lady on the east coast for her daughter. I love what I do! My shop is up and running again and I've been working on a new house which is almost done! Wahoo!

I'm glad to be back.