The Newberg  dollhouse was a super fun build, but not a style I would normally choose for myself. I like to try to work outside my comfort zone a little bit to see what I come up with. Ultimately, the outside turned out exactly how I had envisioned it. I was going for traditional color schemes of the Folk Victorian house styles. I love, love, love the porch!

Newberg Dollhouse Porch

Inside, I wanted to modernize it a bit and I ended up having my "mark" on it after all. I guess, we all have a style and don't realize it until we look at our body of work. My favorite room overall is the bathroom. I love the massive walk in shower with the marble and the super cute floral wallpaper. The tiny hooks are to die for ( I got those from Melvin's Miniatures) The honeycomb flooring, the light fixture. I just love all of it. 

Newberg Dollhouse Bathroom

Some of my other favorite details were the Swan wallpaper in the livingroom and the Rose Gold accents in the kitchen. That Farmhouse Sink!

Rose Gold Accents in Dollhouse Kitchen

It just thrills me to think that someone out there in the world is going to love this and play with it for who knows how many years.