I've been typically working in One Inch Scale with the occasional size variance depending on the individal piece of furniture. My latest completely furnished dollhouse was a 1:12 scale as well. I am trying my hand at making smaller dollhouses that can be used as room boxes as well in distinct architectural styles. I like having a variety of products and options in my collection. 

I started with this Mid Century Butterfly House, I absolutely love Mid Century design. I think the clean lines and geometric themes are timeless. A lot of my miniature furniture peices are inspired by Mid Century design. 

Installed Hardwood Floors

Dry Fit of the Butterfly Roof

Butterfly Roof Dollhouse

I make all of my creations by hand from scratch. I've seen a lot of miniature makers use laser cut or Cricut machines to make their furniture and dollhouses. While, there is nothing wrong with this method and frankly you get a consistent outcome every single time. I love the handmade quality to my little pieces. On the Butterfly House, I started with 1/4 inch three ply wood and built the frame. It's been painted in bright white with a dark teal milk paint on each end. There is a mahogany dry brush stain over the dark teal for texture. Next I cut down individual strips of wood to make the hardwood floors. The flooring was installed and stained in mahogany color. The roof was cut from the same wood as the walls and painted in a sky gray. Last, the roof trim was cut and installed, this is a pine wood strip with a clear polyurethane coating to show the grain. 

I am in the process of building my second 1:24 scale dollhouse in a Shotgun design. I'm having so much fun with the bright colors and details on this one.  

Colorful Shotgun House